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    BSL Level 6 Certificate Course


    This course is designed to help you build confidence in your BSL skills.  If you feel a bit out of practice or have not been signing in a while, then you can make rapid progess in developing your BSL skills, expand your confidence and understanding by getting ready for your Level 6.  You will receive an assessment by a highly experienced Deaf teacher.  This course runs over 15 weeks and will be taught online via the Zoom platform. 

    For more information about this course please contact us:


    This course is designed to enable the learner to understand complex BSL in all types of social and professional interactions.


    The course is structured around eight main topics;

    • Medicine

    • Education

    • Employment and Business

    • Finance

    • Politics and Law

    • Society

    • Media

    • Science and Technology


    You will be expected to demonstrate receptive and productive skills on these topics in a variety of two-way and one-way interactions, including informal 1-1 discussions and group debates; formal group meetings, a one-to-one formal critical discussion, a formal presentation; as well as a receptive skills exam.


    Candidates are expected to be able to use their receptive and productive skills to engage in all types of complex social interaction, and be able to understand sustained signed discourse, delivered at the appropriate Level 6 speed and containing complex language.



    Assessments take place during normal lesson times. Assessment fees are included in the fees.

    There are 6 assessments to complete the course. Three are of the assessments are done by internal assessors and the remainder of the assessments done by Signature assessors (the external assessors will mark recorded videos).


    Your Progress

    Completion of the BSL level 6 course paves way for the learner to pursue a Level 6 Diploma in either Sign Language Interpreting or Translation. This qualification may be used as evidence of full professional proficiency in BSL. It may be useful for those who already work, or wish to work, in a professional capacity with Deaf people, such as teachers of the deaf, social workers for deaf people, voluntary workers with deaf people and employees within a deaf organisation.


    Course Details and Fees

    Start date:

    Duration: 22 weeks

    Venue: Online or Face to Face

    Price: £1905 (includes deposit, admin and assessment fees of £261 for six exams)


    DMCS reserves the right not to register students for the assessment if we feel that their skills are below the standard required to achieve the qualification.

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